Working with Taiga Tribe

You can publish a User Story on your Taiga project as a gig in Taiga Tribe and hire a gigster to work on that gig; also, any gig that is already created on Taiga Tribe can be managed with a User Story from a Taiga project.

To see how you can publish a User Story as a gig, you can go to Publish as gig in Taiga Tribe.

After a gig is linked to a User Story, on the details page of that User Story, next to its current status, you will see the Taiga Tribe logo.

Click the Taiga Tribe logo to view a popup with the available actions:

  • click the name of the gig to open its details page in a new browser window
  • click Edit link to open the Edit gig management page in the same browser window – on this page you can change the way you manage the gig
  • click SYNCHRONIZE WITH TAIGA TRIBE to open the synchronize page in the same browser window and sync data between the gig and the User Story or vice versa (you can sync data from the User Story to the gig only until work starts on the gig)

For any of these actions you need to login on Taiga Tribe.

Note: For more details about Taiga Tribe, you can have a look at this article: Taiga Tribe quick overview or access the Taiga Tribe support page.