Email Notifications

In this section of the Profile Settings page, you can edit the notifications you receive on your e-mail about Taiga activity.

On this page, you can view a list with all the projects you are part of.

For each project on the list, you have the following options for e-mail notifications:

  • Receive All – to receive notifications for all project activity, on the Receive All column of the list with projects, click All
  • Only Involved – to receive notifications for project activity in which you are directly involved, on the Only Involved column of the list with projects, click Involved
  • No notifications – if you do not want to receive any notifications for project activity, on the No notifications column of the list with projects, click None

Only one e-mail notifications option can be active at any one time for any of the projects on the list.

Note: Another way to quickly manage e-mail notification for a project is from that project’s TIMELINE. For more details, you can go to Timeline.

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