Working with the KANBAN chart

The KANBAN chart is a quick way to manage your Taiga project. You can view the User Stories of your project all in one place and you can change their status with a simple drag-and-drop.

The KANBAN chart is available by default when you create a project based on the KANBAN template. However, even if you choose the SCRUM template, you can change the settings of your project later and enable the KANBAN module – for more details, you can go to Modules.

To go to the KANBAN chart, on the Taiga panel, click KANBAN-button.

What you can do on the KANBAN chart

Besides quickly changing the Status of a User Story, other actions you can perform on the KANBAN chart are:

You can see how to perform these actions in this video:

How to filter the KANBAN chart

On the KANBAN chart you can add filters to view only specific User Stories. In addition, you can search for a User Story by Subject, number or Tags.

To view what filters you can add, in the top right side of the page, click – this action opens the Filters panel on the left side of the page.

You can see how to work with filters in this video: