The Taiga Panel

After you access one of the projects on your list, you can view the Panel on the left side of the browser window.

From the Panel you can navigate to other modules of Taiga in order to manage the current project. The modules accessible via the Panel are:

SEARCH – search for text in User Stories, Issues, Tasks or Wiki Pages

TIMELINE – view a list with what happened on the project

EPICS – view the Epics Dashboard and manage Epics

BACKLOG – view the Backlog for the project, add and manage User Stories, add and manage Sprints

KANBAN – view and manage the KANBAN chart for the project

ISSUES – view and manage existing issues, add new issues

WIKI – view details about the project and add any relevant details for the project

TEAM – view the team working on the project

ADMIN – manage project settings, attributes, members’ permissions, integrations and plugins

Note: Depending on your access level or depending on the type of the current project, some of the Taiga modules may not be available to you.

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