Learn about Taiga

The main goal of Taiga.pm is to provide to its visitors a comprehensive range of topics that ultimately help them better understand how to use the powerful features of the browser-based project management tool called Taiga.

Taiga is free, open source, powerful, intuitive.

Anybody can use it, for any kind of project and Taiga.pm wants to give you step-by-step directions in order for you to quickly learn how to take advantage of its awesome features.

On Taiga.pm you can read about the Projects Dashboard, the Panel, the Taskboard; you can learn how to work with User Stories, Tasks or Issues, how to manage the Sprints of a project and, if you are the administrator, you can see how easy it is to manage the settings of your project.

Get to know Taiga! These are some of the topics we cover:

  • The Projects Dashboard – an overview for all the projects in which you are involved
  • The Taiga User Profile – see how you can customize your personal Taiga user profile
  • The Taiga Panel – learn about the panel that you can use to navigate through the available modules of a project
  • Timeline – see everything that has happened on a project
  • Working with Epics – see how you can use Epics to manage your project
  • Working With User Stories and Tasks – see how you can work with the User Stories and the Tasks of a project or with the Taskboard
  • Working with Sprints – read about using Sprints to manage a project
  • Working with the KANBAN chart – see a quick description of the KANBAN module and view video tutorials
  • Working with Issues – see how you can work with Issues in order to fix bugs, answer questions or make enhancements
  • The WIKI module – read about using the WIKI module to add useful information about your project
  • The Admin module – read about the settings that you can manage for a project, such as: project details, available User Story, Task and Issue statuses, members, permissions etc.

Pick a topic from the menu. With us, it’s easy to learn how to use Taiga.

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