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Getting started

The very first step to using Taiga is to create an account. To do this, just go to the Taiga home page, click SIGN UP and then complete the process on the registration form.

The Projects Dashboard

The Projects Dashboard shows an overview of all the projects in which you are involved: what you are working on, what you are watching and a short list with projects.

The Taiga User Profile

As a Taiga user you have a unique profile which is created automatically when you register and which you can then access and customize: change logo, name, e-mail and others or manage notifications.

The Taiga Panel

After you access one of your projects, you can view the Taiga Panel on the left side of the browser window. From the Panel you can access the Taiga modules that are available to you.

User Stories and Tasks

A User Story represents a specific part of your product, described as seen by the end user. User Stories make it is easy to manage your project by breaking down your product into several parts.

Working with Sprints

Sprints give you a time perspective for your project. When all User Stories that are grouped into a Sprint are done, that Sprint is automatically closed. A project may have several Sprints.

Working with Issues

In Taiga you can submit Issues to report a bug, ask a question, propose an enhancement and any other actions depending on the Issue Types available for the current project.

The Admin module

If you have the appropriate access level, you can go to the ADMIN module where you can manage the settings of the current project, like: number of Sprints, Statuses, Members and many others.


Get to know Taiga!
On Taiga PM you can read about some of the features of Taiga.

The main goal of Taiga.pm is to provide to its visitors a comprehensive range of topics that ultimately help them better understand how to use the powerful features of the browser-based project management tool called Taiga.
Taiga is free, open source, powerful, intuitive.
Anybody can use it, for any kind of project and we at Taiga.pm want to give you step-by-step directions in order for you to quickly learn how to take advantage or its awesome features.
On Taiga.pm you can read about the Projects Dashboard, the Panel and the Taskboard; you can learn how to work with User Stories, Tasks or Issues, how to manage the Sprints of a project and, if you are the administrator, you can see how easy it is to manage the settings of your project.
With us, it's easy to learn how to use Taiga.



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