Project details

To access this page, in the PROJECT section of the ADMIN module, on the list the shows the available groups of settings, click PROJECT DETAILS. On this page, you can manage project settings such as the name of the project and others, or you can delete the project.

The settings that you can manage for the current project are:

  • Project logo – to change the logo of the project, under the current logo, click CHANGE LOGO and then select another logo image; click Use default image to automatically change the logo to the one that is by default provided by Taiga
  • Project name – to change the name of the project,  in the Project name box, edit another name
  • Description – to change the description of the project, in the Description box, edit the current description
  • Tags – to add a new tag to the project, in the I’m it! Tag me… box, enter the name of the new tag and then click ; to delete any existing tag, on the right side of that tag’s name, click x
  • Change owner – if you are the owner of the current project, next to the current project owner (your name), click Change owner and then:
    1. search for and select the user to which you want to transfer ownership
    2. (optional) click Add comment and then enter a message for that user
    3. click Ask this project member to become the new project owner – this action sends an e-mail notification to the selected user and that user can accept or refuse your request
    Note: If you are not the project owner, you can request ownership. To do this, next to the name of the current project owner, click Request ownership and then, click REQUEST. The project owner is notified and can start the ownership transfer process.
  • Looking for people – to announce that the current project might need some help, enable Is this project looking for people? and then, in the What are you looking for? box, enter what you would need for the current project; this info is displayed on the project’s Timeline, above the Team logos section and, if the current project is public, the right person could get in touch
  • Receive feedback from Taiga users? – turn this option on in order to allow users to send feedback about the project from the project’s TIMELINE
  • Make the project public or private – to make the project public, select PUBLIC PROJECT; to make the project private, select PRIVATE PROJECT
    Note: Projects that are PUBLIC can be found by anyone on Taiga‘s Discover page or via online search engines and can be accessed by non-members. To set up the level of access for non-members, you can manage the permissions for the EXTERNAL USER role – for more details, you can go to The Permissions section.

To save any changes you make, scroll down to the bottom of the page and then click SAVE.

To permanently delete the current project, scroll down to the bottom of the page, click Delete this project and then confirm your action.

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