Publish as Gig in Taiga Tribe

Before you start, go to Taiga Tribe and login with your Taiga credentials.

Note: After you login, you may be asked to select a Taiga project from which to import a User Story – you can skip this and continue with the next steps, or you can select a project, search for the User Story you want to publish as a gig and continue to step 2.

To publish a User Story as a gig on Taiga Tribe, on the details page of that User Story, follow these steps:

  1. On the Sidebar, click PUBLISH AS GIG IN TAIGA TRIBE.

    This action opens a Taiga Tribe page in a new browser window and you can choose if you want to continue or if you want to cancel.
  2. Click CONTINUE.

    This action opens the Create gig page where you can set up the gig:

    • add more details – some of the details are automatically imported from the User Story, if available (subject, tags, description, attachments)
    • attach (more) relevant files
    • set a delivery date and a price
    • review and publish

Note: For more details about Taiga Tribe, you can have a look at this article: Taiga Tribe quick overview or access the Taiga Tribe support page.