Working With Sprints

Sprints give you a time perspective for your project. All User Stories grouped into a Sprint would need to be closed within the specific period you set when you create that Sprint. When all User Stories of a Sprint are
done, that Sprint is automatically closed.

To view and manage Sprints, from the
Taiga panel, go to the BACKLOG module (if it is available for your project).

On the right side of the BACKLOG page, you can view the
SPRINTS section.

On the BACKLOG page, to view the project burn-down chart, based on the number of Points associated to User Stories that are part of existing Sprints,
on the left of the SPRINTS section, click ; click the same button again to hide the burn-down chart.
The number of vertical areas of the chart shows the total number of
Sprints that can be created for the current project.

You can add more Sprints than are currently configured for your project and you can then go to the
ADMIN module and update the total number of Sprints. If you do not update the number of Sprints for your project,
all Points of the User Stories you add to the extra Sprints are
represented on the negative side of the project’s burn-down chart.

In the SPRINTS section, you can view the following:

  • the total number of sprints created for the current
  • – use to add a new Sprint
  • a list with the
    names of all Sprints that are open
  • under the
    name of each Sprint, a list with the User Stories that belong to
    the Sprint
  • under the list with User Stories, for each Sprint, the

    For details about the TASKBOARD, you can go to
    Working with the TASKBOARD.
  • if there are any closed Sprints, under the list with open Sprints, the
    Show closed sprints button

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