Importing a project

To import a previously exported Taiga project, go to the My Projects page and then follow these steps:

  1. Click and then, locate and select the project’s exported .json file.
    Note: For quick access to the import project button, on the top navigation bar, hover your pointer over .
  2. On the confirmation window, click ACCEPT and then wait for the e-mail that notifies you that the project has been imported.

  3. After you receive the e-mail, refresh the browser page to view your new project on the list, or use the link in the e-mail to go directly to your imported project.
Note: When you import a project, you also import the e-mails of the project’s members. However, if you import your project in a different Taiga installation, if those members are not users of that Taiga installation, you will need to resend the invitations. For details about re-sending invitations, you can go to The MEMBERS section.

For details about exporting a project, you can go to Export.

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